‘Extended Play’, thunderous post-punk from Desire.

Desire unveil ‘Extended Play’, a touching exhibition of 80’s driven post-punk for today.

It’s time to talk about Desire, a trio fusing post-punk reminiscent of Manchester heroes The Chameleons with the touching shoegaze flair of The Jesus and Mary Chain.

Desire‘s most recent release is entitled ‘Extended Play’, a three track EP which brings together gigantic moments of washed out walls of guitar noise with a tight-knit post-punk backbone. Opening track ‘Weight’ shows the band as a driving alternative rock force, huge choruses of guitars combine with gruff vocals bringing a powerful yet melodic introduction.

‘Subversion’ opens with a sub-aquatic soundscape, sound pulses are emitted in search of life or answers and build into an overwhelming white noise. The track then erupts into a furious, lightning paced instrumental build before revealing ‘Subversion’ in it’s true form. Knife-edged guitar lines and bass rumbles cut across the track line which bounds into action with an uncontrollable energy.

‘Essence’ is soaked in emotion and huge sounding, containing the sort of bassline that Peter Hook fans will hold dear. It is somewhat of a close to the EP, and stands as a beautiful array of dissonant guitar chords and drumming that you feel right in your chest.

Desire will headline The Social, London this coming Friday. Tickets are free and event information is here.


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By Karl Johnson

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