PREMIERE: Icehead – ‘Denialism’.

We’re premiering ‘Denialism’, the sharp and ferocious new single by London newcomers Icehead.

‘Denialism’ is the new single by London newcomers Icehead. It follows on beautifully from ‘Out The Door’ and ‘Losing Sleep’, both released last year.

Fans of emotive alternative rock should listen close, Icehead’s ability to blend harder hitting moments of alt-rock with touching vocal harmonies is quite the feat. The vocal delivery rolls over a fluid bass groove presenting touching moments of indie counterbalanced with the rawer moments of alt-rock, sharp and ferocious.

‘Denialism’ is a search for truth through the lens of relentless and heartfelt rock music. Guitars duel and build to a hypnotic state, bass lines twist like knots in our stomachs whilst the drums represent a strong backbone, timely dipping out when the track needs time and space to allow the listener to drift away.

‘Denialism’ Artwork

Icehead on their new single – “We wrote it about the idea that the world is changing irreparably but people can’t accept/ they deny that. And the flip side where people are deluded into believing they are doing good for the world by using a paper straw at McDonalds whilst eating a double cheeseburger. I guess its looking at humanity in the face of uncontrollable destructive change.”

The finger is pointed directly at the consumer, as lyrically Icehead touch on the disillusionment that represents us all as humans in a turbulent 2019.

The band’s ability to shift dynamic from loud to quiet and to present minimalist moments of thought-provoking instrumentation are second to none. ‘Denialism’ is a slowly bruising song that commands listen after listen, tight-knit and relentless in it’s approach, we need more thinking bands in today’s musical climate.

‘Denialism’ is also available to stream on Spotify as well as all major platforms.


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