NEW MUSIC: GHUM – ‘The Coldest Fire’ EP.

Photo by Poppy Marriott

GHUM return with a ferocious new EP entitled ‘The Coldest Fire’.

GHUM have released an EP to rival their last, which is a tough task. They’re a band that always produces the goods on a single release, but where their power lies is through a body of work. Luckily for us, we’ve been gifted ‘The Coldest Fire’ the band’s latest four track EP.

‘The Coldest Fire’ arrives at a time where the London four-piece are selling out every show they play, as their momentum builds both sonically and in the live realm. The EP increases GHUM‘s already hard-hitting arsenal of spikey post-punk/ dream-rock leaning tunes.

What is immediate when listening to their new release is the pace of the songs, the London four piece have doubled down on their energy and talented rhythm section. Frontwomen Laura Guerrero Lora’s vocal delivery is in exceptional form, bending from delicate to all out rage in one spine-tingling breath.

GHUM have become experts at building an atmosphere within their songs, crushing moments of knife-edged guitars meet pounding drums and rumbling bass, yet the lyrical content and vocal beauty is not lost for a second. Early comparisons of Warpaint and L.A. Witch move towards the instrumental beauty of Joy Division or a slicker Pornography-era The Cure, guitars upfront piercing at every sharp turn.



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By Karl Johnson

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