Tree House – ‘Head Up High’ – Instantly addictive, groove-heavy return.

Tree House return with the unstoppable groove of ‘Head Up High’ out on Memorials of Distinction.

Tree House began as a decidedly minimalist project, due to the confines of share-house living, lack of equipment and uptight flatmates. It was this windowless Brooklyn loft space where Will Fortna experimented with composition, teaching himself how to play keyboard and to sample drums.

Head Up High is Tree House‘s first follow up to 2017 EP Into The Ocean. The spacious calm and carefully thought-out composition of the EP acting as a introduction into the intimate world created by Fortna.

Tree House‘s new single bounds out of the gate with a new-found directness, the track’s instantly addictive groove building with squelching bass and jabs of synth. The delightful thrusts of saxophone, courtesy of long-time collaborator Nathan Pigott, solos through the mist of the now-hypnotic groove, as the track hits a swirling and pulsating climax.

Fortna never over-occupies the track with his vocal, dreamily popping his head up high through this unstoppable minimal-disco gem. Tree House are currently on a co-headline tour with the excellent Viewfinder, with whom they share the majority of on-stage members.

Head Up High is out now on London-based label Memorials of Distinction.

Live dates

05/05 – Tree House + Viewfinder – Manchester @ The Castle
06/05 – Tree House + Viewfinder – Leeds @ LS6
09/05 – Tree House + Viewfinder – Nottingham @ JT Soar
14/05 – Tree House + Viewfinder – London @ The Islington 



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