deathcrash – ‘Slumber’ – A sprawling post-rock beast soaked in pent-up emotion. 

Artwork by Kaye Song

Today we’re premiering the debut release by London newcomers deathcrash. ‘Slumber’ comes via Warm Laundry Records.

deathcrash had been honing their craft by working on home demos with no real intention to go into a studio. They met sound engineer Ric James after a show at north London venue The Waiting Room, who speedily offered to bring the London band into the studio. The result, Slumber, a sprawling post-rock beast soaked in pent-up emotion.

Combining spoken word vocals, hypnotic touches of guitar and a deep bass growl, the opening moments of Slumber are an enticing affair. It’s deeply personal lyrical approach and soft and hard instrumental dynamics reel you into it’s epicentre, before erupting into a flood of breaking sound. A psychological dam of self-observation suddenly able to breathe again.

The song’s lyrics are an edited version of a text my mother sent me a year ago. She bravely left an abusive relationship, and this tells the story of the beginning of the aftermath of that.”

The sonic contrast between restraint and all out rage is uniquely overwhelming. Grinding guitar riffs, fluid time signatures and introspective lyricism all make up a somewhat complete package. deathcrash recently completed the recording of their self-titled debut EP, set for release in May.



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