‘Why I Love… Beach Fossils’.

Hard Of Hearing writers open up about the bands and records they love. This time, Ellie Rose Davies explores her love for Brooklyn’s Beach Fossils and their 2017 record ‘Somersault’.

Beach Fossils formed in 2009 in Brooklyn, New York. Their name is a perfect representation of their sound (particularly of their first two records), which lies somewhere between washed out surf, indie and dream-pop.

Their first single Daydream was released only a year after they formed, along with their self-titled debut album. I was immediately drawn to it because of its melodic, single-note guitar lines and laid-back, softly spoken vocals.

Their most recent album Somersault features classic white album artwork similar to that of their debut, and sonically carries the same nostalgic sentiment, a kind of sun-bleached tone. However, Somersault has expanded beyond the compartment of their origins in indie-pop, and the production is much crisper.


Rise, a standout track from 2017’s Somersault is particularly distinctive, as the band take their first venture into a soundscape that lies closer to R&B. It reminds me of BADBADNOTGOOD and We Almost Lost Detroit by Gil Scott Heron due to it’s humble, story-telling nature. Spaciousness is created with a simple lazy snare beat, where Whirlitzer-y keys sit comfortably in the gaps. Singer Dustin Payseur explains that the drum sound is heavily influenced by that of the Wu Tang Clan and DJ Shadow.

The down-beat narration by Cities Aviv is embellished with a modest amount of atmospheric delay. They rest in relaxed conversation with the responsive and vibrant saxophone parts, who’s harmonies enhance every word, making you feel like you know what Cities Aviv is talking about (even though I don’t). He’s contemplative, and it feels as though he’s talking about a past relationship. The tone of the track blends bittersweet nostalgia, as if recalling fondly of a warm summer’s day, it hits me right in the chest.


‘Why I Love… Little Simz

Tiña – ‘I Feel Fine’ – Thrillingly ferocious pop. 

International Women’s Day – “It’s about changing the way people are wired…” – GHUM.

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