Tiña – ‘I Feel Fine’ – Thrillingly ferocious pop.

Photo – Arnau Coll Saguer

Tiña introduce infectiously jangly new single ‘I Feel Fine’ through Speedy Wunderground.

The latest band to emerge from south London, with links to the nurturing ways of now cult venue The Windmill in Brixton is Tiña. The project brings together members of Bat-Bike, Uncle Tesco and Pet Grotesque. In short, from the off, they were equipped to create something extremely exciting.

Having come to the attention of Speedy Wunderground boss Dan Carey at a party, he was, inevitably, hooked on Tiña and studio time was arranged. The result: I Feel Fine.

And – by risk of sounding like a sports commentator – what a result it is. Speaking of working with Carey, vocalist Joshua Loftin recalled it was “like working with a musical holy man, or shaman. He softly moves around the studio intuitively making suggestions in a way that makes you feel like it was your choice to record on that specific guitar.”

The finished product, no doubt in part Carey’s shamanic presence, but also owing to Tiña’s own musical talent, is wonderfully effortless. A slightly hazy, infectiously jangly and thrillingly ferocious pop track.

Whatever I felt before, I Feel Fine now.



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By Melissa Svensen

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