Max Bloom – ‘To Be Alone’ – A story of lost love and fragility.

Max Bloom comes into his own with a heartfelt, swaying piano number on debut single ‘To Be Alone’.

It isn’t easy stepping out from a band project into solo musician territory, the success of London band Yuck is well documented, so often individuals do it for the wrong reasons.

What is obvious from the get-go when listening to Max’s debut single, is that this needed to happen. Dropping the distorted guitar sound that plays a huge part of Yuck, Max has taken to an instrument that few perhaps associated him with, the piano. Quite the exorcism it is.

Falling head first into a story of lost romance and fragility, the opening moments of To Be Alone may catch many off guard such is the track’s openness and sense of emotional grandeur. No stone is left unturned as the Beatles-esque lyricism seeps gently into your soul and To Be Alone becomes a release that everyone has had or will need.

The piano provides a sense of being grounded and touches on deep-rooted upheaval, but the single isn’t without it’s own sense of euphoria or resolution. Swaying synths cut and shape the atmosphere of the track whilst the vocals flow underneath coming up for air only to allow the guitar free rein, but only for a moment.

With an album in the works, Max Bloom‘s first solo sonic step into the music world is a must-listen for those who feel, and those who wear their heart on their sleave with pride.


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By Karl Johnson

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