Guest Singer – ‘New Experience’ – There’s a new master of the dark party.

He’s the new master of dark party songs, he’s dealing us a dose of brutal truth, this is Doncaster’s Guest Singer.

Opening debut single New Experience with the lyrics “Do you live by the words on the backdrop / of a well-shot holiday hotspot?” Guest Singer gives us the first taste of his damning, but hugely danceable brand of pop.

It’s a hugely exciting first offering. Crooning vocals and vibrant melodies make for moments that are incredibly grand, while overall it retains a certain groundedness – a dusky coolness – that keeps it from being too shimmery. It’s incredibly colourful, a textural masterpiece, that has us lusting for more from Guest Singer.

But what New Experience does more than anything is define Guest Singer as a true master of dark party songs – of blending disaffection with the world with incredibly addictive synth-laden melodies. He’s dealing us a dose of brutal truth, veiled in a damn good tune. We’re feeling decidedly miserable, but we can’t help but dance.

Live Dates w/ Her’s

15th February – Band On The Wall, Manchester
16th February – Yellow Arch Studios, Sheffield


IN DEEP WITH… Sink Ya Teeth.

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FUR – ‘Angel Eyes’ – A 60’s inspired summer pop gem from the fast rising Brighton quartet.


By Melissa Svensen

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