Holiday Ghosts – ‘Booksmart’ – A haunting and cinematic return.

Falmouth quartet return with ‘Booksmart’, an infectious cinematic introduction to new LP ‘West Bay Playroom’.

With their latest album ready to drop next month, get acquainted with Holiday Ghosts with their new single Booksmart.

In Booksmart, their stripped back, bluesy pop takes on an almost haunting folky tone. With the closure of their old base, Troubadour Studios in their hometown of Falmouth, seeing them relocate to guitarist Sam’s childhood home in Maenporth – taking over the playroom – to write, rehearse and record the forthcoming album, it’s influences are dazzlingly present.

There’s an overwhelming nostalgia in Booksmart – that strange sense of both unease and a certain kind of warmth that comes with memories of childhood. But there’s also a sense of comfort. That’s not to say Holiday Ghosts have become complacent, but rather have, in that playroom, found their space and their sound. It’s comfortable in that it feels completely right, and is hopefully that mark of an album that sees Holiday Ghosts show off their truly special songwriting talents. West Bay Playroom is due 15th February on PNKSLM Recordings.

Live dates:
23rd February – London – Shacklewell Arms



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