Career – ‘Low Painting’ – Jagged yet melodic post-punk from south of the Thames.

South London’s Career revel in the razor-sharp, angular world that made New York City the only place to be for guitar music.

Although the vocal style behind Low Painting comes over distinctly British, the south London four-piece journey into a world of razor-sharp angular guitar music which made New York City the only place to be in 2001.

Written and recorded in June 2018 at Bottle Rocket Recording and produced and mixed by J. Coddington, Low Painting acts as a b-side to upcoming single Warm Blood, set for release in early 2019.

Whilst Career‘s sound may be most easily described at post-punk, jagged impressions of mid-70’s pioneers Television, or the knotty yet melodic guitarwork of Atlanta, Georgia’s new-guns Omni are present in the bands genetic makeup.

Career – “.. pushed through the lens of shared experiences and observations on everyday mundanity.. the bigger picture is always just out of reach and the minutiae are chewed over and over again.”

The band will start to record their debut record in January 2019, meanwhile keep an eye out for their upcoming release in Warm Blood.



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By Karl Johnson

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