FUR – ‘Angel Eyes’ – A 60’s inspired summer pop gem from the fast rising Brighton quartet.

Brighton’s FUR provide a winter treat in ‘Angel Eyes’, a sunbleached 60’s pop number and their first through Nice Swan Records.

In an offering that comes as a welcome dose of warmth in an increasingly bleak winter, FUR have shared Angel Eyes, the lead single of their upcoming EP FUR.

Paired with a sepia-drenched video of picnics, pugs and croquet, Angel Eyes is an unashamed love song – fitting for the EP’s Valentine’s Day release.

Speaking of choosing love as the theme for the EP lead singer/ songwriter William Murray said: “The three most written-about things are love, money and sex. One I’m not that comfortable writing about, and I don’t have much money, but everyone’s felt some feeling of love and there’s something powerful about that. It’s the strongest emotional connection I can have with a song.”

And in Angel Eyes, FUR take those feelings that everyone can relate to and meld them into 60s-inspired, psych-tinged pop tune. It is, though telling tales of unrequited love, undeniably feel-good; a jangly, witty slice of fun. It’s both super sweet and effortlessly cool, and above all, incredibly sharp.


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