Cagework – ‘Good Ideas’ – Razor-sharp, intricate indie magic.

‘Good Ideas’, an explosive slice of razor-sharp indie, and the new release by London quartet Cagework.

Good Ideas is the electrifying new release by London’s Cagework, the track’s explosive brand of razor-sharp indie coupled with a forceful post-punk energy sets it apart from it’s peers.

The track clocks in at just under 3 minutes, and in that time binds driving, intricate guitarwork with a ferocious vocal delivery. The track has more bite and lawless energy than it’s predecessor, the excellent Simmer, which comes across delicate, touching and sonically more lo-fi.

Good Ideas is underpinned by a relentless bassline and full-throttle drumming, this urgency and infectious energy is matched by furious thrusts of guitar which morph into knotty, noughties-esque pieces of indie magic. The vocal delivery is forceful and full of menace, yet the band keep the lyrical output to a minimum on a track where musicianship is king.


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headofhearinglogov5By Karl Johnson



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