Talkboy – ‘Mother’ – Leeds sextet dream big with a euphoric slice of indie.

Leeds six-piece Talkboy unveil their debut offering in ‘Mother’.

The debut single by Talkboy is somewhat a nostalgic affair, the co-lead vocals of Katie Heap and Calum Juniper drop in and out over a reflective and dreamy soundscape of jangly guitars and touching minimalist harmonies. Mother is a coming of age story of adulthood being suddenly apparent in a parents eyes, that lightning-paced realisation that we all grow up, live and learn.

Just 2 minutes and 38 seconds in length, Mother builds and falls in dramatic fashion aided by tight-knit melodies, soaring harmonies and a strong eye for an off-kilter pop song. Bringing to mind the sort of stadium sized pop nuggets written by Arcade Fire, the Leeds sextet bottle the innocence and reflective romance of youth, and spill it all over their debut release.


5 minutes with… SILVA.

Ellie Bleach – ‘Leave Me Alone’ – A love-struck pop nugget.

Drahla – ‘Twelve Division of the Day’ – A swirling mass of motorik post-punk.

headofhearinglogov5By Karl Johnson


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