No Violet – ‘Be My Friend’ – A high-octane, riff-ready, rock and roller coaster.

Bristol quartet No Violet reveal single ‘Be My Friend’ from upcoming EP on Leisure Records.

It’s no secret that Bristol is a breeding ground for raw new musical talent at the moment. No Violet are a prime example of this, their new single Be My Friend oozes with a rattling confidence rarely seen so early on in a bands career. Frontwomen Ellie Godwin’s vocal teeters on the edge of emotional collapse whilst the bands riff-ready sound bounces between restraint and all out attack with ease.

The early verses of the quartet’s new single allow the unique and fragile vocals to soar against a backdrop of intricate instrumentation bringing to mind a more direct Radiohead, before the listener is bowled over by a ten tonne riff sparking Be My Friend into full throttle fury. There is a manic sensibility running through the veins of the track, tension crumbling to the point of rage, a dam bursting in the form of helpless high-octane screeching guitars and pummelling drums and bass.

No Violet are set to release their debut EP Faces in September through Bristol imprint Leisure Records, and will play live at The Victoria, London on September 19th in support of the release.


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headofhearinglogov5By Karl Johnson


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