Playlist – New Music To Your Ears

A selection of new cuts for the eclectic taste bud.

‘London Trash’ is the raucous, ramshackle punk-rock rumble of London outfit Shady Gringos. London via Bradford trio Sister Wanzala release the funk-driven ‘Fader Creep’, South London lot black midi unveil their much hyped and brain swelling debut single ‘bmbmbm’ and north-east of England outfit Okay Champ share the destructive ‘The Party’s Over (Goodbye Yellow Brick Road)’. Groove merchants Barbudo summon the summer sun in ‘Secret Admirer’, London band Show Boy hit pop-gold with ‘Heart Is An Apple’ whilst Happy Couple find a raw and beautiful wall of sound in ‘Mass Policy’.



black midi – ‘bmbmbm’ – A frightening rhythmic beast in born.

Barbudo – ‘Secret Admirer’- Revel in this groove-ridden summer number.

Shady Gringos – ‘London Trash’ – An unhinged steamroller of punk-rock venom.

headofhearinglogov5By Karl Johnson





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