Vilde – ‘Flash In The Pan’ – Marching left-field electro-pop menace.

Photo – Elin Ghersinich

Vilde shares ‘Flash In The Pan’, a warm and atmospheric electronic cut taken from upcoming album ‘Thud’.

Flash In The Pan is the first glimpse of Thomas Savage’s aka Vilde‘s new album Thud, due July 13th. The Melbourne born, Stockholm based musician creates a brand of marching left-field electronic-pop which weaves and sways between hypnotic electronic textures and delicate atmospheric pop. The track’s dark and nervous underbelly of shifting electronic textures creates a feeling of tension and unease whilst the euphoric and buoyant vocals provide a perfect balance between light and dark.

Last year Vilde drip-fed his listeners a track every month resulting in a 12 track non-album named Study / Dance, a collection of songs each with their own unique identity, and at times the only constant being his own delicate and touching vocal. Taking influence from his surroundings, the ex-Kins man delved into the dream-pop abyss, with his current home in Stockholm and Sweden’s rich pop heritage seemingly making an impact on his chopped electronic production.

Writing, performing, producing and mastering the entire record himself, Thomas Savage’s unique vision for Vilde is about to be realised, you get the impression that Vilde won’t just be a flash in the pan.



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headofhearinglogov5 (2)By Karl Johnson



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