Haze – ‘Ladz Ladz Ladz’ – Sharp-edged post-punk from Bristol.

Bristol post-punk outfit Haze release ‘Ladz Ladz Ladz’ on Permanent Creeps Records.

The release comes on the ever expanding Permanent Creeps Records roster, home so far to excellent releases by London bands Peeping Drexels and Human Pet.

Ladz Ladz Ladz is a rickety 3 minutes of thrilling post-punk, sharp-edged and socially conscious putting modern lad culture to rights. On the first of three releases due this year, the Bristol four-piece revel in disjointed post-punk chaos, Ladz Ladz Ladz twists and turns on a sixpence towards a slippery lightning-paced slice of punk music.

Walking a fine line between control and chaos, the track is backed by tight and ferocious drumming alongside piercing guitar lines that collide and clash to dramatic effect. The vocals snake over the track part informative slur, part out-right disgust and brings an overall cohesion to what is a powerful sound and message. File this within your most promising guitar bands of 2018 section.

The band celebrated the release with a show at The Old Blue Last London and at The Crofters Rights in Bristol whilst making time for an in-store show at London’s Lion Coffee + Records.



What’s on? A fortnight in new music (APR 25- MAY 09)

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Human Pet – ‘Linda Pinky‘ – Killer off-kilter riffs, laser-sharp riffs and raw power.

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By Karl Johnson




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