Wedding – ‘Hands In The Till’ – A driving, psych-tinted pop gem.

Photo: Annapurna Mellor

Berlin-born, Manchester-raised Wedding release ‘Hands In The Till’ via Bristol label Art Is Hard.

The five-piece put out a mini album named Mania Whatever via Swedish label Maternal Voice last year and have followed it up this April with Hands In The Till.

The laid back, dreamy indie vibes of Hands In The Till combines beautiful melody with off-kilter guitar and swirling psych-tinged noise. Backed by a pulsating drum beat driving the track forward, the jangle-pop excellence shines through with sun-kissed vocals taking their moment in the spotlight. Influences stretching from Krautrock to nostalgic pop form a swirling psych-tinted sound that comes to a close in under 2 minutes.

The new single, released as a AA side 7″, is backed by track A Little Love.



Lazy Day – ‘Weird Cool‘ – A bold slice of melancholic dream-pop.

The Death Of Pop – ‘700 Spas‘ – A short, sharp shock of jangly indie excellence.

The Golden Dregs  – ‘Adaptation‘ – Scuzzy, blues-addled art rock with a primitive stomp.

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By Karl Johnson



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