The Stockholm dream-pop four-piece stopped by for a chat before their show at North London institute The Lexington.



You released the glorious ‘Four Waters’ EP in November last year, have you made plans for your next release?

“Actually we have no plans at the moment but we’re currently working on new songs so maybe an album, an EP or an interactive musical sometime in 2019!”


What do you love about playing outside of Stockholm?

“Playing our songs for a new crowd and seeing new places! And also exotic drinks! (See picture) ”




I love the artwork for your releases; aside from the music how important is the overall artistic output for you?

“Luckily we have an artist in the band (Tilde), who takes care of the artistic output. She knows what we like and how we want to be presented. Plus she works for free.”


What are your favourite things about the music scene in Stockholm? Do you have any favourite bands?

“The indie scene in Stockholm is quite small but blossoming. It’s like a small community where almost everyone knows each other. Some of our favourite bands are Bodega Sisters, Dim Vanilla and basically all the bands on our label Rama Lama Records, such as New Feelings, Melby and Cat Princess.”



If you could travel back in time to play with one artist, who would it be, and where would it be?

“We would like to go to a tropical island somewhere and play with Talking Heads.”


What are your favourite things to do outside of music?

Siri: “Play with her dog and knit.”

Edvin: “Drink coffee, contemplate and buy limited edition LPs.”

Elias: “Anything Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson related.”

Tilde: “Paint and watch family guy.”


What do you have planned as a band for summer?

“Get tanned and write new music. Maybe play somewhere? Who knows?”



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By Karl Johnson

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