WYRES – ‘Spring Breaks’ – Touching electronic-pop minimalism from Stockholm duo.

Swedish duo WYRES conjure up touching electronic-pop minimalism on ‘Spring Breaks’, the first taste from their upcoming EP.

After being tucked away in their Stockholm basement studio for half a year, duo Fredrik Forell and Arvid Jonsson had all the ammunition needed to form WYRES. With their five track debut EP due for release in June, the electronic-pop minimalists have shared Spring Breaks.

Through the darkness comes light, and exactly that is true of Spring Breaks, the track feels like a new beginning, the first sight of sun after hibernation. The warm electronic textures and sun-kissed synths crunch against vocalist Arvid Jonsson’s delicate and touching lyricism, the real beauty lies in the duo’s spacious, less is more approach to songcraft. The song sets the bar high for the bands upcoming EP, with the soaring vocals and summer imagery finishing what is a beautiful piece of summer electro-pop perfection.



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By Karl Johnson





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