jellyskin – ‘Judder’ – Warped vocal harmonies and a dark, brooding underbelly of noise

Leeds duo jellyskin release ‘Judder’, a sonic shift from their dreamier beginnings to a darker industrial underground.

There’s something incredibly refreshing about Leeds duo jellyskin, their DIY approach to their craft, shunning the slow turning industry cog to go it alone and with it in total control of their destiny, whatever that may be.

The duo’s early releases display a dreamlike march through time, the haunted thud of Milk of Magnesia sees the duo share touching vocals drifting in and out of harmony, as the song itself feels ceremonial and drenched in an emotional tide of sorrow. Only Rain (Flows to Beach) has an ethereal beauty, the slow building and gigantic soundscape of washed out synths and broken down guitar falls into a chorus which takes us on a sun-kissed journey to the shores of somewhere tropical.

Flash-forward to April 2018 and Zia and Will release Judder, the track reveals a new direction whilst still holding on to all that fans hold dear from their earlier work. Judder is complete with crushed electronic textures, warped vocal harmonies and a dark, brooding underbelly of noise. The sonic charm of the close-knit two-piece still remains as strong as ever, but this time there’s a different fire burning within their music, a more direct and haunting flame.


jellyskin live:


MAY 12 – HMLTD + DRAHLA + VULGARIANS + JELLYSKIN @ Belgrave Music Hall & Canteen, Leeds – TICKETS




MAY 29 – JELLYSKIN @ The Washington, Sheffield – TICKETS



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