Mad Alice – ‘Witch of the Tundra’ – Liverpool trio delve into the supernatural

Liverpool alt-rock trio Mad Alice return with supernatural animation  for their new release Witch of the Tundra.

Last year saw the releases of Idée fixe and Vulture Tree as the Liverpool trio paved their way as a hard-hitting, riff-ready blues inspired rock outfit. Frontwomen Caitlin Hare’s vocal twisted between delicate, haunting and all out power bringing to mind Siouxsie Sioux or Alison Mosshart.

The band returned this month with the single Witch of the Tundra, complete with an excellently animated video by Ashley Clarke which delves into the occult.



The track balances restraint and all out attack, as Ryan Lavery‘s guitar lines bend and dance over Kraig Shaw‘s atmospheric, and at times hard and spinal drumming which builds and falls in unison. Finding space in between the waves of crashing alternative rock, Caitlin Hare picks her vocal punches as she flows delicately with storybook lyricism through an otherworldly tale of the supernatural.  Quite the return from the Liverpool three-piece who never fail to blow your socks off.



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By Karl Johnson




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