The Death Of Pop – ‘Heads West’ EP – A beautifully contorted vision of pop

The Death Of Pop release ‘Heads West’, an EP displaying the bands beautifully contorted vision of pop music.

Following on from the release of the upbeat and intricate sun kissed dream-pop of 700 Spas, London lot The Death Of Pop have released a self-produced EP named Heads West on a limited run of 70 cassettes through Leisure Records.

Channelling new wave influences into tight power-pop structures is something of a skill set, throughout new release Heads West the four-piece display a contorted vision of pop which sees the five tracks on offer give something different yet bounce off each other like old friends, in what is a beautifully cohesive body of sound.


The nostalgic new wave intro of Marbles opens the EP with a airy calm before the powerpop heavyweight 700 Spas sets the pace and tone for the release beaming with tightly wound melodies and gorgeous summer imagery. Ready For Us is a brief, carefree disco-infused pop gem sporting delicate harmonies and a story seemingly of poorly-timed romance. Cash for Gold sees the band slow things down with a display of quirky pop genius, cementing their skill of a hook and an ability to deliver smooth as silk daydream pop. 08:10 brings the EP to a close with a stand out three minutes twelve seconds of sky high tight-knit harmonies. The track delves into the trippy realms of progressive psych-pop featuring a mind-warping space-age guitar solo and a fitting end to what is an phenomenal release.


The Death Of Pop Live:


APR 28 – The Death Of Pop @ The Shacklewell Arms, London – FREE



The Death Of Pop – ‘700 Spas’ – A short, sharp shock of jangly indie excellence

Art School Girlfriend – ‘Moon‘ – A dark and soul-stirring piece of nighttime electro-pop

5 minutes with… TRIATHALON

headofhearinglogov5 (2)

By Karl Johnson



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