Exploded View – ‘Summer Came Early’ EP

Combining the robotic leanings of Neu!, the hypnotic thud of Timber Timbre and the stark vocal strange of Nico comes Exploded View.

The supergroup of sorts split their origins between Sweden, the UK, Mexico and Germany and the fusion of these musical backgrounds has brought about a sound drenched in psych-pop nostalgia. Late 2017 saw the arrival of the EP ‘Summer Came Early‘ via Sacred Bones Records, four tracks of left-field atmostpheric-pop with an underlying post-punk and krautrock persuasion. This sat as the perfect progression to their self-titled debut record.



The bands psychedelic expression is plain to hear, they rock gently between the brash post-punk of Ought and the psych-pop of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. Vocalist Annika Henderson brings out the colour in the band’s harsher, darker sides and her subtle and drifting lyrical imagery acts as the perfect accompaniment to the well oiled mechanical rhythm section. Exploded View experiment with the rough mechanics of song structure and melody, they blur the lines between krautrock/ post-punk and pop delving into something quite hallucinogenic, they play rough but there is something in there with which to heal the bruises.



5 minutes with… MEAT WAVE

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By Karl Johnson



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