5 minutes with… LAZY DAY

We caught up with Tilly from Lazy Day as she prepares for the bands biggest headline show to date, tonight at MOTH CLUB.

For many years now, the internet has been awash with a glut of bedroom pop bands, each plying their trade amongst lo-fi tape hiss and perpetual melancholy. Lazy Day, it seems, are preparing to step out from the fog of tape hiss as a fully fledged rock band, injecting their erstwhile bedroom pop sound with a certain degree of vim and vigour. Latest single ‘Weird Cool’ is indicative of a band growing in confidence, with front woman Tilly Scantlebury’s standout vocal performance set in-amongst a punchy, radio-ready mix.

We caught up with Tilly before the band’s biggest headline show thus far at Hackney’s most fabulously decorated former working men’s club to talk about fire in the booth and infatuation with breakfast cereals.


Your new single is being released on the excellent Art Is Hard label, how did that come about? 

“I think it was a case of long term mutual admiration from afar. That makes us sound like star-crossed lovers which is a nice idea.”


‘Weird Cool’ benefits from some pretty high-end production values, will Lazy Day be moving away from their lo-fi beginnings?

“I feel like as soon as I stopped releasing songs that I recorded in my bedroom we stopped being lo-fi. Once I realised how full and bold the band could be, I wanted the recordings to have that feeling to them. We recorded Weird Cool in the studio / second home that we rent with our dude Olly Betts, and mixed it with Adrian Hall who has done lots of our other songs too. Adrian cranks it up #turnt.”


Your vocal performance on the track is brimming with strength and depth. Have you been focussing on your voice in particular? 

“Thanks! You got to deliver the goods. I used to be quite nervous of singing, but now I really love it – especially when it comes to recording. I thought a lot about the way I wanted to deliver the vocals on Weird Cool, and made lots of alternative demo versions – and then I got into the booth and boom, fire.”



What can we expect from your three date mini tour which includes your biggest ever headline show at MOTH Club?

“You can expect a set full of the greatest hits, along with a few new ones that will later turn into greatest hits. You can expect dance routines, exceptionally well put together outfits, and a good afterparty.”


What’s the concept behind your new cereal-based video? 

“The concept is that love comes from strange places and it’s scary but also loads of fun too, and you should go with it because something good might happen.”


What does 2018 have in store for Lazy Day? 

“We’ve had our first studio session for our next batch of songs – the drums are down and the rest will follow! We’re also going on tour with Alex Lahey in March, playing in loads of places we’ve never been to before. 2018 we’re ready for ya!”





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Lazy Day – ‘Weird Cool‘ – A bold slice of melancholic dream pop

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By George Percival



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