Human Pet – ‘Linda Pinky’ – Killer off-kilter riffs, laser-sharp guitars and raw power

London trio Human Pet unveil ‘Linda Pinky‘, out on the freshly formed Permanent Creeps label.

Feral” is a word that carries many pejorative associations, but it is also the word which most succinctly surmises London trio Human Pet. Having kicked and screamed their way across London’s toilet venue circuit for a few years, the band have gifted us ‘Linda Pinky’ via the excellent Permanent Creeps label. It’s a refined sonic assault that positions the band alongside fellow London noiseniks Bo Gritz in terms of sheer ferociousness both live and on record. Both of these acts utilise noise as a weapon- guitars possess a serrated edge, the bass a thunderous cacophony and the only duty of the drums is to pulverise. It’s a sound that leaves broken PA systems and perforated eardrums in its wake.

But aside from creating three minute blasts of gritty post-punk, Human Pet clearly possess a keen ear for songwriting, felt most clearly on ‘Linda Pinky’. It perhaps owes much to the early 90’s era of alt-rock and the knack of crafting what were often great pop songs that had been coated in a generous layer of fuzz. Earlier singles ‘Dog Complex’ and ‘Television’ gave an indication that Human Pet had something more up their sleeves than some killer off-kilter riffs, and Big Muff pedals set to ‘eleven’.

But ‘Linda Pinky’ points towards a band honing their songwriting craft, with inklings of melody buried in amongst the laser-sharp guitars and reverb-soaked vocals. It’s three minutes and sixteen seconds of raw power.


Human Pet live:


MAR 3 – Permanent Creeps ClubLUMER + Human Pet + Cannibal Animal + Luxury Apartments @ The Old Blue Last – TICKETS


MAR 10 – Hairy & SIR All DayerBlack Doldrums + Melt Dunes + Long Teeth + Ugly + Human Pet + Something Anorak @ The Shacklewell ArmsFREE


MAR 13 – Session SevenFrauds + Human Pet + Casual Sect @ Paper Dress Vintage – TICKETS


MAR 25 – Night Terrors All-dayer – Static Palm + Ditz + Peeping Drexels + Human Pet + Grounds @ The Lock Tavern –TICKETS



Peeping Drexels – ‘The Goof‘ – Highly charged ramshackle rock from Peckham

Lazy Day – ‘Weird Cool‘ – A bold slice of melancholic dream pop

5 minutes with… MEAT WAVE

headofhearinglogov5 (1)

By George Percival



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