Big Tears – ‘Dive’ – Driving 80’s feel synth-pop excellence

Big Tears release new track and video for Dive. The London-based outfit deliver an emotionally charged introduction into their world with a lyrically introspective 5 minutes of 80’s feel synth-pop.

The video, out today (22/01), shows frontman Kieran McLoughlin within a search for love’s unquenchable thirst, human contact and the beauty of love’s submission. The power of the song lies within the contrast of warm, tropical synths and driving production, against the lovestruck backdrop of McLoughlin’s flawless and emotionally fragile vocal delivery.

Dive drives towards the 80’s electronic pop excellence that Depeche Mode, Tears For Fears, or even Prince would be making had they started out today.


BIG TEARS – Upcoming shows:

JAN 30 – Elsa Hewitt + St. Jude the Obscure + Big Tears + James Martin @ The Five Bells – TICKETS



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headofhearinglogov5 (1)By Karl Johnson

Hard Of Hearing Music




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