5 minutes with… MOONOVERSUN

We got in touch with ‘wonk-pop’ duo MOONOVERSUN ahead of their headline show at the Old Blue Last alongside fellow ‘wonky’ prospects Zoee and Cosydrive. Comprised of Brightonians Isaac and Sofia, MOONOVERSUN possess a maximalist assault of synths and glitchy electronics that’ll have you reaching for the decade-old neon face paint that’s been unused since the Klaxons fell off the radar. The day-glo duo espouse a fierce audio and visual aesthetic which has seen them branch out into multi-media projects under the moniker of Wonk- collective of similarly-minded artists. Flux, their debut single, was released last year on the ever-brilliant Art Is Hard label and showcased the group’s penchant for pop hooks and stuttering synths. If Rihanna hired Aphex Twin as her producer, the results might sound eerily similar to MOONOVERSUN.


5 minutes with… MOONOVERSUN

What is MOONOVERSUN? And how did it begin?

“MOONOVERSUN are a pop duo, we are constantly making music and developing our visual aesthetic. By maintaining creative control over everything we are able to produce an end product which is completely audiovisual and completely us. We have been working together for a couple of years now but MOONOVERSUN only took it’s true form last year; 2017 was an important year to help us grow and really discover what we want to achieve – deluxe pop <3″

You’re part of the ‘Wonk’ collective, can you explain the ethos behind Wonk and what makes an artist ‘Wonky’?

“WONK was created by us as an umbrella for everything happening in our heads that didn’t necessarily need to be related to MOONOVERSUN. Collaboration and community is one of the most important things in the music industry and its a great opportunity to discover artists we love and build a scene. It’s great to meet other people that share similar ideas about music and art so we can come together and support each other. Wonk is not limited to a particular genre or sound, for us it’s about pushing boundaries, not just restricted to music.”

Is Brighton a particularly ‘Wonky’ place?

“In terms of people you meet it can be interesting, everyone is lovely here. However, we spend more of our time exploring the London scene, in terms of electronic music and pop there is a lot more available. We have lived in Brighton for so long now that when we’re here we are mainly writing or hanging out with friends, there’s plenty of visual inspiration in this city but in terms of music London feels better suited to us.”

What can people expect from a MOONOVERSUN live show?

“MOONOVERSUN aim to be the soundtrack to your party – we have been working hard on our live set and have managed to produce 30 minutes of solid pop bangers. We try and make our live set as fun and visually engaging as possible, we are always trying to come up with different ways to develop it further which means every show is a little different.”

What does 2018 have in store for MOONOVERSUN?

“We have a bunch of releases planned for 2018 and have just finished shooting and directing the music video for one of them. We just wanna get as much music out as possible and continue to put on amazing shows and play with other amazing artists.”


18th JAN – MOONOVERSUN + Zoee + Cosydrive @ Old Blue Last, London – FREE 

28th FEB – Strong Asian Mothers + Safe To Swim + MOONOVERSUN + Bokito @ The Hope & Ruin, Brighton – TICKETS




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By George Percival

Hard Of Hearing Music



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