Music In Video – Goat Girl // Baba Ali // Lazybones // Gender Roles

Photo: Goat Girl by Lara Laeverenz

Goat GirlScream is the b-side to Cracker Drool released on Rough Trade Records, the video which saw the girls dump and burn a body in the woods, that car along with that song is a thing of beauty (Cracker Drool Video). Their most recent video release Scream, is more of a hypnotic and touching listen, the trademark floating harmonies still exist but the track delves into swirling psychedelic territory. It challenges you in exactly the way a b-side should.  See the interview – 5 minutes with… Goat Girl.


Baba Ali – I’ve Been Voodoo’d is the follow up to one of the best short listens in 2017, the Nomad EP, featuring the seductive groove of Cog in the Wheel. Ali moved to London from NYC in late 2016 and turned his political frustration into song. He says of the inspiration for the track…  I witnessed from afar a racist, sexist, fascist egomaniac swindle his way into the White House. In the midst of all this shock, anger and disbelief, I found a way to write a song about it, which became “I’ve Been Voodoo’d”.


Lazybones – Snake is the second single from the Brighton trio who formed this year. The song clocks in at just under 3 minutes and is a sharp, primal alternative rock assault recalling the ferocity of early Queens Of The Stone Age with the vocal snarl of Yeah Yeah Yeahs Karen O.


Gender RolesPlastic is the new release from Brighton’s indie/ punk trio Gender Roles since signing with Big Scary Monsters, the label is also home to some of our favourites Meat Wave, DZ Deathrays and Cassels. 


By Karl Johnson

Hard Of Hearing Music



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