Animal Husbandry – ‘In Trouble For Good’ – pop excellence with a tense psych groove.

Don’t bother travelling to the tropics. If you’re looking for winter escapism, this is it.

A certain mystery surrounds Animal Husbandry, two beautiful, well crafted, genre bending songs online in the form of The Good Times Are Killing Me and In Trouble For Good make up a veiled sonic vision of Animal Husbandry. Those in the know would have been to Servant Jazz Quarters in Dalston or a support show with fast rising London electronic duo Otzeki (interview with Otzeki here) at Electrowerkz in the last couple of months to see what the fuss in all about.  For those who didn’t, listen below.

Over a genre warping 5 and a half minutes, In Trouble For Good swings between a beat driven brand of tropical pop, to dark, psych-infused electronic tension, atmospherically somewhere between Kid A era Radiohead with the tense minimalism of early days The xx. In Trouble For Good picks up pace with saxophone taking centre stage as the song comes into it’s own and the true vision is revealed, pop excellence with a tense psych groove.

Animal Husbandry on the track. “The saxophone was laid down by Adam one summer evening. I had a studio in my garden and he played late into the night and I was sure all the neighbours would complain but when I looked up all the windows were open and they were sat there listening. I was constantly seeking an escape from my surroundings in music, with a desire for something more exotic, a regained sense of adventure in life.”


By Karl Johnson

Hard Of Hearing Music




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