Feature photo credit – Nervous Conditions by Benjamin Leggett

Three bands – three vastly different sounds – three videos to de-ice your fingers to

Cambridge 8-piece Nervous Conditions have unveiled a live video for their stand out tune ‘Village Mentality‘, it merges a dangerously tense brand of Jazz with a strong post-punk backbone. The bass whips up a psych-focused energy, as the strings and saxophone create a haunting tension for the Mark E. Smith-esque vocal snarls to pick at you over an intense 8 minutes. Read the full take on ‘Village Mentality‘ here.


Brisbane two-piece DZ Deathrays make quite a racket for just two guys. ‘Total Meldown’ is the most recent preview to their upcoming album due on Feb 2nd next year. The track contains as big a chorus as you will have heard this year, an unashamed 3 minute alternative rock nugget with nods to the scuzz of Death From Above 1979  and Ty Segall.


NYC duo Buke & Gase merge left-field electro-pop with intricate guitar play which lands somewhere between St Vincent and The Kills. The band play homemade instruments which lands them in a unique field of quirky pop music, the song craft is impeccable and their most release a barrage of heavy-pop noise. Check out the ‘Arone vs Aron‘ EP piece here.


By Karl Johnson

Hard Of Hearing Music



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