Totally – ‘Ghost Away’ – Channelling 90’s flava R&B and haunting minimalist guitar

The act of ‘ghosting’, perpetuated by casual sex dating apps such a Tinder, is a rather sad and ubiquitous phenomenon which has somehow become a normalised fixture of modern romance. ‘Ghost Away’, the superb and quietly defiant new single from London four-piece Totally, takes a stand against the cowardly practice. Told from the point of view of a woman who is sick of being repeatedly ‘ghosted’, the lyrics admonish the wrongdoer with the simple yet powerful phrase of “step up, get on or get off”. Vocalist Jade channels 90’s flava R&B as she traverses octaves in a way that points to many an hour spent singing along to Mariah Carey. Elsewhere, the minimal melodic guitar work, which recalls Warpaint and Chastity Belt, imbues ‘Ghost Away’ with a haunting aspect which is instantly beguiling. Comprising the second side of their new 7”, ‘Ghost Away’ is the sound of a band hitting their stride.

Totally will be headlining the Waiting Room, London on December 13th. Don’t miss them.

Order their new Double-A side, ‘Moonlit Memory/ Ghost Away’ on 7” (A run of 275 pressings) here. It was recorded by Euan Hinshlewood and the cover art by Felicity Hammond.


By George Percival

Hard Of Hearing Music



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