MGMT – ‘Little Dark Age’ – There is beauty in the house of horrors


It could be time to get back into MGMT, if you ever lost them, or they lost you. ‘Little Dark Age‘ feels like the natural big brother to their debut LP ‘Oracular Spectacular‘, released in 2007.

If you’ve drifted down the dark, beautiful, space age prog-alleyways of 2010’s ‘Congratulations‘ and 2013’s ‘MGMT‘, you’ve seen a band making the music they’ve always wanted to make. As the popular press have drifted away from them, scared and unable to except their experimentalism and non-radio friendly direction, fans have been on quite the journey, ‘Little Dark Age‘ is the neon light at the end of the house of horrors tunnel, a band who have been able to create the art they desire on the main stage, blinded by the lights, but following their own true vision.

“I grieve in stereo, the stereo sounds strange, you know that if it hides, it doesn’t go away, if I get out of bed, you’ll see me standing all alone, horrified, on the stage, my little dark age”


The new album is due in early 2018 via Columbia Records, entitled ‘Little Dark Age‘, expect them to dominate next years festival season.


By Karl Johnson

Hard Of Hearing Music



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