SASSY 009 – ‘Are you leaving’ – Deep and dark electro-pop with a voice


The Norwegian trio SASSY 009 have released into the world an E.P named Do you mind through Luft recordings/ Hard Up, it consists of five tracks that blur the lines between house and electro-pop, with a taste for the darker side of electronic experimentalism.

Stand out track Are you leaving, sits somewhere between the minimal electronic textures of Crystal Castles, combined with the delicate floating vocal harmonies of Warpaint, complete with a haunting live flute that ghosts over the melodies. Over the course of their recent E.P,  the trio show that there is more to the music than just great production, harmonies are sometimes subtle, and at times harsh and crushing, building and falling in a most euphoric fashion.

SASSY 009 at Sebright Arms, London 08/11/17

A strong message exists within their music which is especially effective within their live show, it is an empowerment for women, yet an all too relevant message to society about male conduct which pushes their set at Sebright Arms (08/11/17), into the experimental art-electro realm as an audience stands still and their message sinks deep.


By Karl Johnson

Hard Of Hearing Music



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