Document – Israeli post-punk quartet distort reality on ‘Hustle’

Photo by Alex Stotland 


Document – “Humans have now become more like plants – they need to be interconnected and depend on technology. Phones are the roots that allow us to be connected to everything else…. We project what we want others to see. The screen has become a mirror. The phone takes away the ability to be intimate, and you are left alone with a distortion of reality.”

Tel-Aviv quartet Document, have released ‘Hustle‘, a track that picks at the sharp post-punk guitar of early Interpol, the energetic rhythm of The Fall, and merges the quick witted hooks of Cali sweethearts We Are Scientists in their prime.

Lyrically, the band address society’s dependence on technology, and how we’ve sold a sense of human intimacy and replaced it with a physical, digital addiction.  The track forges anger, misery and dwells on a lost sense of basic human instinct as melodic guitars bounce off each other finding a sweet spot somewhere between DIIV and Dinosaur Jr.

Hustle‘ serves as an appetiser to the upcoming LP ‘The Void Repeats‘, released 9/11 .



By Karl Johnson

Hard Of Hearing Music



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