AUTOBAHN – ‘The Moral Crossing’ LP – Leeds most sinister post-punk band return


Today Yorkshire’s most sinister post-punk outfit AUTOBAHN, release their second LP named ‘The Moral Crossing‘ on Tough Love Records. The album has shades of the spacious and industrial post-punk of Joy Division with the vocal delivery touching upon 80’s goths Sisters Of Mercy. Within the gut of the album lies a pulsating krautrock bloodline which becomes progressively more intoxicating as each track unfolds.

Future‘, is a bold and euphoric piece of electronic music bringing to mind New Order, it is bound by a progressive bass line and held firm by hard working drums. The echos of menacing post-punk guitar slap the surface of the track but allow the driving electronics to built at the forefront. The track veers towards the later works of Londoners The Horrors, and acts as somewhat of a sonic palette cleanser which oils the albums running order to perfection. On the 9/11 AUTOBAHN bring their dark arts to The Lexington in London.


09/11 – The Lexington, London


By Karl Johnson

Hard Of Hearing Music




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