Horsey – Park Outside Your Mother’s House

There is romance to be found in the darkness, and beauty in the strange, London four-piece Horsey tie the knot between the rhythmic strange of Canadians Timbre Timbre and the lyrical spirit of The Birthday Party era Nick Cave.

Beneath the dark underbelly of the sound there is a real beauty to the song craft and vocal delivery,  few artists could turn somebody’s worst nightmare (being eaten alive by a shark) into a romantic vision.

‘Everyone’s Tongue’ artwork

On the 17/11 the band take to The Lexington with the promise of “circadian rhythms, equestrian madness and spicy support” for their one off headline show before a European support tour with King Krule.

Park Outside Your Mother’s House‘ has a theatrical sense of romance, guitars and drums crash in unison as they soundtrack the darkest fairy tale love story in recent history.

Horsey Live:

17/11 – The Lexington


By Karl Johnson

Hard Of Hearing Music



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