5 minutes with… Goat Girl

Thought provoking tour journeys through the mountain ranges of Spain, to contemplating an existence as a band in the 70’s, Goat Girl take 5 minutes to lift the lid.

The band have released the video for their upcoming single ‘Cracker Drool‘, which comes out 8/12 via Rough Trade Records and tonight will play The Windmill in Brixton as part of an annual Halloween extravaganza.


5 minutes with… GOAT GIRL

The intro to your previous release ‘Crow Cries’, sounds like an ancient death march, which music would you use to soundtrack your own demise as humans?

“I’ve never really thought about that before… Probably a thundering orchestra with strings for my own demise”.


If you weren’t starting out nowadays as a band, which era musically would you love to exist in, and why?

“The 70’s, but only in musical terms. The disco era would be my calling. So much good stuff – Crosby, Stills & Nash, Sister Sledge, The Velvet Underground, Dianna Ross, Chic etc. I would have loved to have gone to soul train, either as a spectator or participant”.


Has there been any music this year that has touched you?

“Some of these may not have been released this year but I’ve discovered them..
BadBadNotGood – lV, Frank Ocean – Blonde, Cory Hanson – Garden of Delight, Jerkcurb (all of it), Khruangbin, Sneaks.”

goat girl.jpg


Your throwing a house party for Halloween, which three bands past or present do you ask to play in your living room?

The Cure, Pixx, Kiss“.


What do you experience/ take away from playing abroad or outside of the London bubble?

“There’s a lot more to life than what’s going on in south London. Being away, you’re exposed to different things – good and bad. In Norwich I saw a band I really liked called Sink Ya Teeth. They’re a kind of a dancy electronic duo. But it’s also good to experience music you don’t like because it solidifies your own sound. In terms of abroad, Spain was amazing to drive through because the landscape is so different to the UK, it’s very vast and mainly mountainous. We learnt a little bit about Spanish politics too which we found out we’re pretty ignorant to”.


Goat Girl Live:


31/10 – The Windmill, London


06/11 – Gullivers NQ, Manchester


13/11 – Corsica Studios, London


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By Karl Johnson



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