Oh My” by Swedish Death Candy pairs off heavy Black Sabbath riffs against an exploratory psychedelic backdrop, all caught in a four minute nutshell.

The London based four piece cut their own path and sound but hold a rolling hard rock edge tread by the likes of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club yet poised with the psych-splashed guitar works of Hendrix.

PHOTO CREDIT : Neil Cooper
Photo : Neil Cooper

Complete with one of the most entertaining live bassists around, the band aren’t afraid to push every idea, solo or piece to it’s limits, listen to “So Long… “, a mouth watering 16 minute otherworldly frogmarch into the abyss.

They seem just as comfortable pushing the boundaries of rock music over 3-4minutes as they do 16, which makes the band one of, if not the, most entertaining live prospects of 2017.

By Karl Johnson

Hard Of Hearing Music



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