_NEW MUSIC – Psych stained rock ‘n’ roll with a bang / The Schizophonics_

Hailing from San Diego, California, The Schizophonics play psych-infused lightning paced rock ‘n’ roll.

In May of this year, the three-piece released their E.P, “Ooga Booga” on a limited run of 1000 copies via Pig Baby Records, and it is jam packed to the rafters with late 60’s feel rock ‘n’ roll songs with far out Hendrix style solos which pushes the sound into the psychedelic realm.

Over the course of five tracks there are moments where the sound takes on a hard rock feel and has a raucous energy bringing to mind The Stooges and bounces around from rock ‘n’ roll/ garage rock with punk moments as the band go full throttle.

The band cross the pond in late September this year to play shows in Spain and the U.K, and their show in London won’t be one to be missed.

The Schizophonics

LIVE: 30/09/17 Weirdsville, London

By Karl Johnson

Hard Of Hearing Music










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