_it’s PRIMAL, it’s UNHINGED, it’s… YOWL_

My Headache Likes To Speak


Peckham 5-piece YOWL are back with their first release since 2016’s E.P “Before The Sleep Sets In“, and it’s a special return.

My Headache Likes To Speak” is primal, dangerous, unhinged and build with a relentless concoction of sharp, hypnotic guitars and rolling bass. This is abrasive garage rock at it’s fiercest, and a perfect parallel to last years E.P.

The vocal delivery and variety keeps you guessing, both touching and abrasive in one fell swoop. The almost hypnotic and ragged story telling set the scene for a raucous 4 minute sonic trip to south London you can’t skip.

“Gave the walls my blindfold for a week, learned the way my headache likes to sleep”

Darkroom” backs the release, and is a lightning paced garage rock gem, a strange and beautifully unforgiving slice of rock music.

Live in London:

The Macbeth of Hoxton – 16/06 w/ LIFE



By Karl Johnson

Hard Of Hearing Music



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