_Unmasking the mysterious, SUPERORGANISM, and their new track “It’s All Good”_

Too many cooks spoil the broth, or perhaps not in the case of Maine/ London collective Superorganism, which boasts eight members and are still multiplying.

Back in late January, and from out of nowhere, “Something For Your M.I.N.D” started to get picked up by every new music blog from here to Timbuktu, it was a fresh take on pop. Sample heavy, beat driven slacker pop with a chorus that you took to work with you. It was what pop music should sound like.

Three months later, through a smokescreen of hype comes their second single “It’s All Good“, premiered by Beats 1 radio, showing what sort of attention their debut release has brought them. Since then, their debut track has disappeared online (rumour says sample clearance issues), but has certainly left behind a lust for more of their left field pop.

It’s All Good” has a minimal electronic feel, stop/start beats and youthful, almost American school-yard like vocals running through it, like a raw Alexandra Saviour. The chorus builds and breaks down with a swaying electronic wall of sound recalling French electronic duo Justice on a smaller scale. The track features a mixed bag of samples providing an off-kilter feel as it shunts to a finish in a short three and half minutes.



By Karl Johnson

Hard Of Hearing Music



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