Liverpool trio Mad Alice tap into a sweet middle ground on new single Idée Fixe.

A cold January passed and one of the standout releases from that month was Liverpool band Mad Alice‘s Vulture Tree. An all out blues rock assault. Then came Catch Me If You Can, a broken down southern rock flavoured track showing a different side to the band, more restraint and slightly more exposed. ‘Vulture Tree’ – Mad Alice And Blues Rock Wonderland

Now the cold is on temporary hold, we pass into spring and the band are set to release their new single Idée Fixe, and they find a sweet middle ground between their previous releases. The track opens and lays heavily on that southern rock sound with soft hitting drums whilst Caitlin Hare‘s hypnotic vocals take centre stage giving the track room to breathe, before we are hit with guitarist Ryan Lavery‘s roomy rock riffs backed by drummer Kraig Shaw‘s heavy thudding drum pulse.



Lyrical themes of escapism and the notion of following a dream that forgets to flower line the pockets of the song, yet we are left with a feeling of power and positivity as the track closes.

Mad Alice are equipped with the sort of restrained blues rock riffs that gave The Kills and their guitarist Jamie Hince cult status. Delve into their waters further with their earlier work, Ball & Maze and The Sun, to hear a band not forcing their sound but embracing the filthy, riff ready, hard hitting blues rock outfit they are, with fragile vocals that do everything to the sound that they should.

This Spring the band will take their new single to various shows around the North West of England and will be stopping by Smithdown Road Festival in May whilst also playing their debut show in Manchester.



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By Karl Johnson






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