Newcomer Leo Walrus’ ‘Angel Angel’ is a soulful ode to maturity and comfort.

The South-West London musician’s latest single showcases the growth and charisma of his songwriting.

Photo: Alex Irvine | Words: Joshua Tubb

Leo Walrus, is a young musician hailing from Southend, Essex, but currently based in South-West London. The BIMM pretty boy has established himself as a hardworking songwriter who infuses his music with a sweet heartfelt integrity. On his latest single, ‘Angel Angel’, Leo showcases his maturation as a songwriter. Following his charmingly sanguine ‘Up Somewhere’, this new single shows us another dimension to his work.

‘Angel Angel’ is a cozy and indulgent track that envelops the listener like a duckdown duvet. Musically, it is defined by compelling and timeless vocals, which offer a nostalgic trip back to the 70s in tone and cadence. Leo skillfully weaves between subtlety and fragility, anxiety and comfort. Citing Marvin Gaye as an influence, Leo reports “imagining this song to declare the maturity I so desire”, complete with, “rich attention to detail in sound”.

‘Angel Angel’ is a thought-provoking and engaging piece of music that hints at Leo Walrus’ growing potential as an artist. Leo is undoubtedly a rising star worth watching as he continues to develop his craft.