Melotone brew psychedelia and Tropicalia on ‘And… Beyond’.

Birmingham-raised, Bristol-residing quartet Melotone usher in the romantic airs of Brazil with gooey, psychedelic indulgence.

Photo: Tom Whitson | Words: Elvis Thirlwell

The influence of 60s Tropicalia and 70s MPB (Musica Popular Brasileira) has often proved an irresistible flirtation for western psychedelia. For immediate examples, closer to home, just think of Baby Vanga’s unshakeable passion for bossa nova, or the Samba-rific excursions of Brighton’s excellent Wax Machine.

Taking that influence to the next degree, Melotone’s polyglottal vocalist Alec Madeley, Brazilian by birth – croons in the very tongue of Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil, Tom Ze and Jorge Ben Jor. Flitting between English and Portuguese, and proving to be equally beguiling in both, Madeley’s melodies, like cubes of sugar, melt into this steaming, syrupy musical brew that the band have so exquisitely concocted. Suss out that bassline and groove on new single, ‘And… Beyond’, those charmed sprinkles of vitreous guitar licks – so hot and seductive it all is. The tune carries that calm, world-beating confidence of one emerged fresh from a kilo sale with a hamperful of bobby-dazzling steals under their arm to show-stop the universe with.

What a brew indeed. A one for the ages. Well-tendered, and infused with the aromatics of Rio De Janeiro, ‘And… Beyond” is aglow with the riches of space, breathing room, and patient meditations. Now, just bring it slowly up to your lips and drink in its abundant luxuries.