North London 11-Piece Fake Turins are Going Down Fighting with the Rattling Psych-Disco of ‘Beatnik’.

As the group prepare to disband, their new single shows there is still a hell of a lot of life left in their forthcoming EP.

Photo: Alfie Bungay | Words: Joshua Tubb

Fake Turins, the 11-piece audio-visual collective, announced their disbandment will come this June with one final show at Village Underground. Ahead of this goodbye, they release their ‘Inheritance’ EP on 9th May via Opus Kink-founded label Hideous Mink Records. Electric psych-disco number ‘Beatnik’ is the climax of this collection, showcasing the group’s sprawling quality in its most powerful form. The track tells the tale of a false prophet, whose mind falls into madness even as he is wrongly worshipped by the masses. Vocalist Dominic Rose has described it as “the original Turins track”, encapsulating his manifesto for the project and “the character I came to inhabit as Dominic Rose”.

‘Beatnik’ is a stunning example of the Fake Turins psych-disco style. Its punchy riffs, gyrating grooves, and persistent sense of dread combine to create an electric and intense listening experience. The track’s lyrics are thought-provoking and though the ideas were there at the genesis of the project, their ruminations on the corruption of human nature and the dangers of false messiahs suit the reflective mood of the Fake Turins’ swansong era. Framed by this moment, ‘Beatnik’ is not only an essential modern psych-disco cut, it further burns an assumed urgency as part of the group’s final triumphant collection.