Genre-Bending Manchester Four-Piece Marjua Release Sprawling Debut EP ‘Knocknarea’.

The newcomers condense their unflinching intensity into a brilliantly dynamic collection, that swirls between psych-jazz grooves and paint-stripping freakouts.

Photo: Cal Moores | Words: Joshua Tubb

Emerging from Manchester with a ferocious, rebellious spirit, Maruja have landed with their debut EP, ‘Knocknarea’, which comprises four tracks, including their new 6 and half minute epic ‘Kakistocracy’. The band is a convergence of Harry Wilkinson on vocals and guitar, Jacob Hayes on drums, Matt Buonaccorsi on bass, and Joe Carroll on saxophone, and together they possess an unflinching intensity that immediately grabs your attention.

Maruja’s music is a combination of psychedelic jazz and punk, and their EP is a consummate example of their captivating sound. ‘Kakistocracy’ is a standout track that captures the band’s raging, rebellious spirit and enthralling intensity. The post-rock landscapes and blistering punk rock sounds of the other tracks are equally captivating and take the listener on a journey through a plethora of emotions.

With six consecutive sold-out shows under their belt, Marjula’s ‘Knocknarea’ EP represents their most definitive body of work to date. A huge diversity of influence is on full display throughout the EP, commanding elements of alt-rock, jazz, EDM and punk and taking the listener through a spectrum of emotions. Maruja are an essential listen for musical thrill-seekers, offering a uniquely intense and captivating experience.