South-West London newcomer Leo Walrus offers brave optimisim wound around beautiful melody on ‘Up Somewhere’.

The new single brings modern influences to the  timeless singer-songwriter form to create something refreshingly joyful.

Photo: Alex Irvine | Words: Joshua Tubb

BBC Radio London’s Gary Crowley introduced Leo Walrus and his jangling new single “Up Somewhere” as “something a little bit special.” Leo Walrus, initially from Southend, Essex, but now based in South-West London, has been creating music since he was 13 years old. His palette of influences ranges from Peckham’s own King Krule to The Clash and Steve Lacy. This colours the distinct combination of indie, dream-folk, and neo-soul brought together on ‘Up Somewhere’.

Leo’s charming and ageless singing style is a crucial element to the song. His voice is gravelly yet soft, evoking the golden age of singer-songwriters and lending a nostalgic aura to the tune. The orchestration, with its soothing guitar riffs and delicate percussion, is especially remarkable, producing a dream-like ambiance that wonderfully matches Leo’s singing.

Explaining the meaning behind “Up Somewhere,” Leo describes it as a song about idealistic searching, borne of a need to find certainty, simplicity, and stability. Its easy-come easy-go lyrics and gentle melody captures the euphoric bravery of unashamed joy. Leo completed the song quickly, as if bottling a moment of lucid happiness, and suitably recorded it only a couple of days after the ideas had been realised. With upcoming London dates including a slot at the Cavendish Arms this Friday, give Leo a chance and get a glimpse of what else is to come from this promising new artist.