Bristolians Grandmas House return with ferocious energy on sophomore EP, ‘Who Am I’.

Out now via Brace Yourself Records, ‘Who Am I’ is delivered in harsh and raspy tones that could strip the paint straight off of your walls.

Words: Otis Hayes

Grandmas House are an explosive punk trio hailing from Bristol – one of the best bands fuelling the ever-growing punk revival scene. Having released their self-titled debut EP towards the tail end of 2021, the raucous three-piece are back with ‘Who Am I’, a new EP full of snarling and gritty songs to sink your teeth into.

The collection opens with ‘Body’, a knockout punch of raw energy. The physical power behind every note gives the track a harsh and rasping quality that could strip the paint straight off of your walls. Next up is ‘How Does it Feel?’, which flies straight out the front gate and down the street like an unattended dog off after the local postie. Verses are sung in French with canine vigour over brutal drums and guitars that flash the song past us in a minute and a half.

The second side of ‘Who Am I’ kicks off with ‘Desire’, another short track that will have you swinging your head in accordance with its rhythm. After a rare moment’s breath at the track’s outset, muddy guitar and hoarse vocals drag us unceremoniously into the intensity of the song. Frontperson Yasmin Berndt’s growling vocals are outstandingly raw across the EP, but are showcased in particular on closer ‘Who Am I’. Here it truly takes centre stage, gasping and staggering over hefty drums and crunching guitars before an aggressive and fierce breakdown closes the EP with an untamed attitude.

Having supported acts such as Idles, Opus Kink, TV Priest and Katy J Pearson amongst others, Grandmas House will be on tour throughout the UK in 2023 and their rowdy and unapologetic live performances are not to be missed.